Solid - Tailwind Template for SaaS, Software and Startup

Solid - Tailwind Template for SaaS, Software and Startup

Solid is a high-quality Tailwind CSS template that has been specifically crafted for startups, SaaS, and software websites. It offers a wide range of essential sections, elements, and pages needed to create a fully-featured website for any SaaS, software, or startup website.

With Solid, you can create a complete website with ease and efficiency, without having to spend time creating sections and components from scratch. Solid is the perfect choice for creating a top-notch user experience, whether you're building a website for a startup, a web app, a SaaS, or a large software company.

This template's homepage includes a compelling hero area, logos of associated brands, a features section, a about section, another features section with tabs, counters, and star ratings, integration options, obvious call-to-actions, a FAQ section with accordions, a testimonials section, pricing tables, a contact page, a blog, and a unique footer.

The design also comes with all of the required external pages - like login, registration, blog grids, and single blog pages, among others. This extensive collection of pages offers all the tools required to develop a feature-rich, comprehensive, and aesthetically pleasing website or landing page for software, a web application, or SaaS.

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Template Information

Released on: 02/04/2023

Last Updated: 10/06/2024

Built with: Tailwind V3.x

Version: 1.0

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