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in Reviews on April 11, 2021

The growing needs of websites are increasing day by day and both developers and designers are trying to satisfy the needs. For building websites, every day they need a new framework, template, and UI kit. Building frameworks, templates, and UI Kits is a very time lengthy process and needs extra care too. But, what if you get a ready-made framework, template, and UI kit? All these Ready-made items can save both time and money.  All you have to do is download, tweak the thing, and voila!  But a simple act comes with a cost that if you want to customize these ready-made items you’ll need to subdue the styling that appears with the code. And that’s where Tailwind CSS comes to play its role. 

What Is Tailwind CSS?

According to the official site of Tailwind, Tailwind CSS is a utility-first low-level CSS framework. It comes with every building block that needs to build custom user interfaces without any accompanying styling. Staying with your basic HTML, you can build your custom design with the low-level utility classes that Tailwind provides. Tailwind is different from other frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Bulma. Because all of these frameworks come with readymade UI kits but Tailwind provides tools to separate component classes. What does that mean? That means utilizing one element will not affect a similar element while updating. You can run the entire project with Tailwind CSS without having to write a line of code. All of Tailwind’s templates and UI kits are highly known for their customization feature. Also, they are fully responsive, come with a quick setup, and are configured using JavaScript thus you’ll get real programming power.

Here we present you with some of Free Tailwind CSS UI kits, tools, resources and templates that can help you get started. All of these are free, fully responsive, easy customization, and many more. Without further ado let’s get started. 

Tailwind UI Kit

Tailwind UI Kit is a free UI kit based on Tailwind CSS 2.0 to build a beautiful UI. This kit comes with 250 components like buttons, avatars, headers, list tables, to-do lists, and many more. This open source UI kit is fully coded and all compatible with React, VueJS, and Angular applications. 

Tailwind CSS Layouts & Templates

Tailwind CSS Layouts & Templates is a free Tailwind CSS-based landing page template. This template comes with a high-quality premium design template. Also, this project is licensed by MIT license.   Tailwind CSS Layouts & Templates can be used in any of your projects by using the latest technologies and you can easily download them.


Tailwindo is a free UI component based on the utility-first CSS framework Tailwind. It comes with a vast collection of Tailwind CSS component blocks and UI elements.  So you can build your custom design without any disturbing opinionated style.


DaisyUi is a free Tailwind plugin based on the design system of Tailwind CSS. This UI kit offers both utility classes and components classes. Also, it is super customizable so you can customize your components as you want and of course designer-friendly. For styling the page, DaisyUI provides loads of colors that have no limits. 

Tailwind SaaS Landing Page

Tailwind SaaS Landing Page is a free Tailwind CSS version 2.0 based tailwind landing page. This tailwind landing page is beautiful and well-designed that comes with two different modes: a dark and a light that is suitable for your SaaS. Also, it is a very responsive landing page that can adapt to any kind of screen like mobile or tablet, or desktop. 

Dashboard Template

Dashboard is a free Tailwind CSS template for dashboard projects. This template comes with lots of UI elements, tables, forms, and many more. The designs and colors of the UI elements are so trendy and high-quality. You can customize it according to your taste and use it on your next project for better results.

Notus JS

Notus JS is a free Tailwind CSS template that is both a tailwind and javascript-based UI kit. This kit comes with amazing cool features and tools for use in your next project. Also, the wide range of fully coded components can be your partner for creating amazing websites. Moreover, Notus JS offers ready-made example pages that can save your time. 

Tailwind Starter Kit

Tailwind Starter Kit is a Free and Open Source that is based on the powerful Tailwind CSS framework. It comes with multiple HTML elements and dynamic components for ReactJS, Vue, and Angular. Also, This extension has 3 sample pages that are fully coded, so you can start working spontaneously. 


Cleopatra is a great admin dashboard built with the powerful Tailwind CSS.  This template comes with rich features and easy to use packs and configurations. Cleopatra is licensed by MIT license. Also, this admin template has awesome browser compatibility and offers a big custom shortcode collection.


Tailblocks is a ready-made incredible collection of tailwind CSS blocks. This template comes with 15 different categories within a website like a blog, pricing, eCommerce, and many more. Also, Tailblocks includes a dark mode that is a trending design. Moreover, this template offers handpicked Tailwind blocks, Tailwind templates, Tailwind Components, and other free resources related to Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind Toolbox Admin Template Day

Tailwind Toolbox Admin Template Day is a free tailwind CSS ‘Day Mode’ admin template. This template contains a multi-row nav bar, Search bar, and a drop-down menu. Also, it offers a day mode theme and the alternate dark mode available. Moreover, This template is highly customizable and freely downloadable. 

Tailwind Toolbox Admin Template Night

Tailwind Toolbox Admin Template Night is a free tailwind CSS ‘Night Mode’ admin template. This open-source starter template comes with a multi-row nav bar, Search bar, and a drop-down menu. Also, it offers a night mode theme and an alternate light mode available. Moreover, This template is highly customizable and freely downloadable. 

Tailwind CSS  is becoming a popular framework for its awesome and cool features. Without any limitation, it helps you to build web apps as you want. If you are tired of the regular framework, you can try tailwind or if you have tried Tailwind CSS before, let us know in the comment section below. And I hope this list can help you with your next project for a kickstart.

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